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Development of Face Processing

Herausgeber: Gudrun Schwarzer, Helmut Leder




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This book draws together, for the first time, the latest scientific findings from leading international researchers on how face recognition develops. It is only in recent years that methods acceptable in experimental psychology have been developed for studying this vital and unique process. While other publications have concentrated on computer modeling of face processing and the like, this one is unique in that it looks at fundamental (and so far unanswered) questions such as: What are the roots of and reasons for our ability to recognize faces? How much of this ability is learned and how much innate? By connecting studies on face processing in infancy with those on the development of face processing, it thus bridges the gap between face processing research and visual perceptual development. Leading researchers from USA and Europe who have conducted pioneering work in these domains describe results and anticipate future inquiry, covering topics such as fundamental cognitive abilities in infancy, development of face processing from infancy to adulthood, and the effects of expertise on face recognition. Table of Contents
Contents • Contributors • Foreword • Preface
Part I: Visual Cognitive Abilities in Infancy • S. Johnson: Development of fragmented versus holistic object perception • R. Sireteanu: Infants‘ preference for texture-defined targets of different saliency: Evidence for local processing • M. Kavsek: The development of depth and object perception in infancy
Part II: Face Processing from Infancy to Adulthood • G. Schwarzer, N. Zauner & M. Korell: Face processing during the first decade of life • H. Leder, G. Schwarzer & S. Langton: Development of face processing in early adulthood • A. Schwaninger, C. Carbon & H. Leder: Expert face processing: Specialization and constraints
Part III: Applied Research on Face Processing in the Course of Development • J. Tanaka, S. Lincoln & L. Hegg: A framework for the study and treatment of face processing deficits in autism • K. Seitz: Face processing and person processing • C. Roebers: Remembering faces in social contexts

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