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Childhood Maltreatment

von Christine Wekerle, Alec L. Miller, David A. Wolfe, Carrie B. Spindel

Reihe: Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice - Band 4

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The second edition is in preparation.

Compact guidance for practitioners dealing with one of the greatest challenges in clinical practice, abused or maltreated children.

The serious consequences of child abuse or maltreatment are among the most challenging things therapists encounter. In recent years there has been a surge of interest, and of both basic and clinical research, concerning early traumatization. This volume in the series Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Pracice integrates results from the latest research showing the importance of early traumatization into a compact and practical guide for practitioners. Advances in biological knowledge have highlighted the potential chronicity of effects of childhood maltreatment, demonstrating particular life challenges in managing emotions, forming and maintaining healthy relationships, healthy coping, and holding a positive outlook of oneself. Despite the resiliency of many maltreated children, adolescent and young adult well-being is often compromised.

This text first overviews our current knowledge of the effects of childhood maltreatment on psychiatric and psychological health, then provides diagnostic guidance, and subsequently goes on to profile promising and effective evidence-based interventions. Consistent with the discussions of treatment, prevention programming that is multi-targeted at issues for maltreated individuals is highlighted. This text helps the practitioner or student to know what to look for, what questions need to be asked, how to handle the sensitive ethical implications, and what are promising avenues for effective coping.

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From the Reviews

"This book takes the reader in a short, comprehensive way through the important topic of childhood maltreatment and describes both the psychosocial consequences and the two main evidence-based therapies available today. The book is well written and easy to read, [...] I consider [it] very useful for students and beginners in the field of psychotherapy with maltreated children or adolescents with self-injurious behaviour. Other target groups are social workers and teachers who have to understand the principles behind therapeutic interventions in order to provide support for children and therapy."
Garl-Göran Svedin in Acta Pædiatrica 2008, vol. 97

"Childhood Maltreatment is a brief, evidence-based review of the epidemiology, assessment, and treatment of individuals who have been mistreated in childhood. The focus is on psychotherapy, and the authors succeed in providing an excellent, easy-to-read review of the topic. The use of case vignettes...bring the concepts to life and leave the reader with a true understanding of psychotherapeutic modalities.... The topic of maltreatment is vast and the book is all-encompassing, including not only sexual abuse, but also neglect and physical and emotional abuse.... All family physicians will benefit from the tips given for reporting maltreatment.... The information is relevant and up-to-date, and includes a review of the literature demonstrating cognitive behavioural therapy as perhaps the most effective therapy available for victims."
Marjolaine Limbos in Canadian Family Physician, Vol. 54, May 2008

"In sum, this book is immensely informative and provides a very hands-on approach to working with families disrupted by childhood maltreatment".
Jeffrey L. Kibler in PsycCRITIQUES, April 25, 2007, Vol. 52, Release 17, Article 4

"This book a terrific resource of information. ...provides an excellent overview of PTSD and the associated course andprognosis of childhood maltreatment. ...the chapter which outlines a considerable number of diagnostic disorders is truly remarkable.... The case vignette helps facilitate understanding of thematerial and provides the real-world applicability.... This is a concise yet powerful book that all trauma clinicians treating childrenand adolescents should have on their shelf."
Nicholas Greco IV, M.S., BCETS, CATSM, CCRA (College of Lake County) in Doody's Book Review

"This book provides outstanding suggestions and specific guidelines for mental health practitioners, from students to experienced therapists, in integrating empirically-based approaches into their clinical practice. The book clearly advances the field of intervention and treatment for children who have experienced abuse and neglect."
Barbara L. Bonner, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, Child Study Center, Oklahoma City, OK

"This brief and concise book is replete with information and astuteobservations about the nature, context and effects of child maltreatment,which is wisely considered along dimensional, as well as the more usualcategorical, lines. The authors succeed in portraying accurately thosesequelae which require therapeutic intervention. Using the now necessaryevidence-based approach, various forms of treatment are described andtheir applicability to specific post-abuse difficulties indicated. Caseillustrations shed further light on the issues discussed. The book is thusa welcome addition to the child maltreatment literature, and will proveparticularly useful to busy practitioners as well as to their managers,who will gain an understanding of the complexity and labor-intensivenature of work in this field."
Danya Glaser, MB BS, FRCPsych, Department of Psychological Medicine, Great OrmondStreet Hospital for Children, London, UK

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