Hotspots in Psychology 2019

Herausgeber: Michael Bošnjak, Timo Gnambs

Reihe: Zeitschrift für Psychologie - Band 39

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Cutting-edge meta-analyses and research methodology in psychology

This third collection of “Hotspots in Psychology” presents state-of-the-art meta-analytic research in psychology. It features the first systematic literature review of the empirical evidence regarding stability and change of values in adults, as well as meta-analyses examining the effects of descriptive and injunctive norms on consumer decision making, how ethical leadership shapes organizational citizenship behavior, and whether interparental relationship quality differs between parents of children with or without ADHD.

Methodological contributions include a systematic review of questionable research practices, an exploration of the role of researchers’ analytic flexibility when meta-analyzing data using specification-curve analysis and multiverse analysis, as well as a new approach to improving the quality of inferences drawn from funnel plots.

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