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Sexual Dysfunction in Women

von Marta Meana

Reihe: Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice - Band 25

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"If you have time to read one book about female sexual dysfunction, this should be the one."

Sexual Dysfunction in Women is a concise yet detailed clinical guide to the treatment of sexual difficulties in women. Written with the general psychologist and therapist in mind and being published with the companion volume Sexual Dysfunction in Men, it takes the novel position that most clinicians interested and willing to help female clients with sexual concerns can do so effectively, even if they do not primarily consider themselves sex therapists. Many women will experience difficulties with desire, arousal, orgasm, or pain with intercourse at some point in their lives, yet most clinicians feel less equipped to treat sexual dysfunction than far less prevalent disorders. This book empowers general psychologists, therapists, and other practitioners to actively engage in the multidisciplinary treatment of sexual disorders and broaden their knowledge base about sexuality, an important component of most clients’ quality of life. It is both a go-to guide for professional clinicians in their daily work and an ideal resource for students and practice-oriented continuing education.

From the reviews:

"[This book] is filled with excellent references, examples, and is a terrific standalone resource. The purpose is to provide therapists which the knowledge to successfully diagnose and treat the most common female sexual disorders. [It] provides a strong summary of current research and illustrates how this research can be used in evidence-based clinical practice. It is written for a broad audience that includes not only nonspecialist therapists, clinicians, and even physicians whose patients raise concerns about their sexual well-being, but also for patients and their partners. This would be an excellent book to supplement any course in human sexuality as well as other higher level therapy courses. [An] outstanding exploration of topics that are not readily discussed and for which many clinicians may feel ill prepared to explore [and] a remarkable resource for clinicians to use in everyday practice."
Nicholas Greco IV, MS, BCETS, CATSM, Columbia College of Missouri, in Doody's listings and reviews, 2014

“Marta Meana’s book Sexual Dysfunction in Women provides an overview of the field that is ideal for a layperson, therapist, or general medical practitioner… in a manner that is easy to understand.
“Meana explains many potential contributors to sexual dysfunction, including psychological, environmental and sociocultural, and biomedical conditions.
“Many psychotherapeutic approaches to treatment are described, as well as some treatments that use physical therapy and medications. Medical treatments are also addressed... Meana highlights physical therapy as an important treatment that has been shown through research to be of benefit.”

Jena Groth and Anita Clayton in PsycCRITIQUES,, vol. 57, 2012, No. 47

"Female sexual dysfunction is prevalent but remains amysterious field in psychiatry. In this book Dr Marta Meana, a renowned sex researcher and therapist, enlightens us on the world of female sexual difficulties. [She] guides us from basic descriptions to the theories, giving us a panoramic view of the spectrum of sexual dysfunction in women. She then brings us back to the practical aspects of diagnosis and treatment, which are of utmost importance to our clinical practice. [...] This book empowers us to activelyand sensitively engage in the multidisciplinary treatment of sexual disorders, and becomes a pleasure to read!"
Brian Ip, MBBS, Department of Psychiatry, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Hong Kong SAR, China, in East Asian Arch Psychiatry, Vol. 22, 2012

This up-to-date and concise textbook addresses a very difficult clinical subject [...]. Undoubtedly, allpractitioners will [take) a new and better approach (to) these problems after reading this textbook [...].
Prof. Paul Maria, Section Editor, in European Urology Today, August/September 2012

"[...] a welcome resource for clinicians who lack thorough training in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. [...] a concise and clearly written clinical guide for therapists, students and anyone interested in understanding the complex criteria for diagnosis and treatment of female sexual dysfunctions. Sexual Dysfunction in Women [and] the companion guide Sexual Dysfunction in Menin the seriesAdvances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice offer empirically based and practically useful information for clinicians and students alike."
Dr. Pamela Mc Cann in Beratung Aktuell, 3/2012

Praise for the book:

"If you have time to read one book about female sexual dysfunction, this should be the one. Professionalswill delight in the concise, well written, up-to-date, conceptually accurate and practically useful informationand advice in this book."
Irving Binik, Professor of Psychology, McGill University, Director of the Sex and Couple Therapy Service,McGill University Health Center, Montreal, Canada

"This exceptionally well written book brings clarity to the confusion often surrounding female sexualfunction and dysfunction. Reading it is sure to help even the most reluctant of therapists overcome theperformance anxiety associated with treating sexual disorders in their female patients. This book shouldbe required reading for novice and experienced therapists alike."
Kathryn Hall, PhD, Author of Reclaiming Your Sexual Self: How to Bring Desire Back Into Your Life, Co-Editorof Principles and Practices of Sex Therapy (5th ed.), Co-Editor of The Cultural Context of Sexual Pleasure andProblems: Psychotherapy with Diverse Clients

"In her usual entertaining writing style, Meana synthesizes and summarizes an enormous body of empiricalscience in this outstanding guide for clinicians to the pathophysiology, epidemiology, diagnosis,assessment, and treatment of women’s sexual difficulties. This book will move to the front of my bookshelfand should be a standard text for any clinician wishing to increase his or her knowledge on the topic."
Lori A. Brotto, PhD, R Psych, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Universityof British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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