Suicide and Euthanasia in Older Adults

A Transcultural Journey

Herausgeber: Diego De Leo


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Suicide among older people is a significant problem, but one that has tended to be neglected in recent years. And in an age where populations and cultures are becoming increasingly mixed due to migration and globalization, it is vital that lessons concerning suicide and euthanasia be learned from different countries. This book provides help by bringing together a unique range of perspectives on aging, suicide, and euthanasia from different cultures and countries around the world. In addition to analytical overviews of the relationship between socio-economic or psychological factors and suicidal behavior, differences between younger and older suicides, family factors, and physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, contributions by leading authorities from 10 different regions each contain a description of suicide in old age, as well as discussions of views concerning the role of the elderly in that culture and the issue of euthanasia/assisted suicide, especially in the terminally ill. This book is of interest not just for suicidologists but also for psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, ethicists, thanatologists, geriatricians, psychogeriatricians and psychogerontologists.

Table of Contents

José M Bertolote, WHO, Geneva

Diego De Leo, Australia

Suicide Among the Elderly in the World:
Covariation with Psychological and Socio-economic Factors

David Lester, USA

Suicidal Behavior in Elderly Europeans
(Diego De Leo et al., WHO/Euro Study)

Suicide Among the Elderly in Sweden
(Danuta Wasserman & Susanne Ringskog, Sweden)

Suicide Among the Danish Elderly
(Unni Bille-Brahe & Karin Andersen, Denmark)

Suicide in Old Age: Swiss Perspectives
(Carlos de Mendonca Lima et al., Switzerland)

Elderly Suicide in Slovenia
(Onja Grad et al., Slovenia)

Elderly People and Suicide in Turkey
(Isik Sayil & C. Aydemir, Turkey)

Suicidal Behavior in the Hong Kong Elderly
(Paul SF Yip & Iris Chi, Hong Kong)

An Investigation into Resilience and Suicide in Japan's Elderly
(Naoki Watanabe, Japan)

Suicide in Elderly and Youth Populations – How Do They Differ?
(Kerryn Neulinger & Diego De Leo, Australia)

Suicide in the Canadian Elderly
(Antoon Leenaars, Canada)

Euthanasia: The Australian Experience
(Robert D Goldney, Australia)

Family Factors in the Wish to Hasten Death and Euthanasia
(Robyn Leigh & Brian Kelly, Australia)

Safe, Legal, Rare? Physician-Assisted Suicide and Cultural Change in The Future
(Margaret P Battin, USA)
"What I want to explore here is the prospect of cultural change in the future, and the possibility that physician-assisted suicide may come to look very, very different from the desperation move that it is taken to be now."
Margaret P Battin
"This book is remarkable in that it addresses cultural aspects of suicide in the elderly, a group that is left aside more often than not ... It is known that in some places where successful suicide prevention programs have been implemented, suicide rates were reduced among younger people, who were targeted more aggressively and efficiently, whereas suicide rates among the elderly have continued to increase, probably due to a lack of specific preventive strategies."
José M Bertolote, WHO

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