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Urinary and Fecal Incontinence

A Training Program for Children and Adolescents

von Monika Equit, Heike Sambach, Justine Niemczyk, Alexander von Gontard


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A new and effective training program for children and adolescents with continence difficulties

Elimination disorders (such as bed-wetting or soiling) are common in childhood. This manual presents a new and effective training program for children and adolescents with nocturnal enuresis, daytime urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence,or a combination of these forms, who do not respond to standard measures.

After discussing the different types of incontinence and comorbid psychological disorders, the expert team of authors (a psychotherapist, a pediatric nurse, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist) describe a 7-9 session program of bladder and boweltraining, primarily for use in groups but which can also be used with individuals. The training encompasses psychoeducation, operant reinforcement, emotion regulation, and relaxation techniques – all presented in a “child-friendly”, playful manner.

The manual itself is accompanied by a wealth of colorful, attractive, printable worksheets and other educational materials suitable for youngsters, which cover topics such as healthy drinking and eating habits, stress and emotion regulation,body perception, toilet training, and relaxation techniques.

This manual is a superb resource for pediatricians, specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry, psychologists, nurses, urotherapists, and all other professionals looking for well-founded, hands-on guidance on treating children and adolescents with incontinence.

From the Reviews:

"This book is easy-to-read and provides a good overview of bladder and bowel dysfunction in children. ... The combination of detailed and accessible information and the very useful CD-ROM makes it easy to start the training programme at any facility where children suffering from complex bladder and bowel dysfunction are treated. [A]n excellent book and it will be of great clinical value for healthcare professionals treating this group of children, in particular urotherapists, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists."
Luise Borch, PhD, Institut for Klinisk Medicin - Børneafdeling A, SKS, DK, in Acta Paediatrica, 2016

"A timely and needed addition to the literature, covering not only treatment but also all investigation aspects of incontinence …. This is the only training program for children and adolescents with urinary and fecal incontinence that has been published in English during the last few decades. The intended audience includes psychologists, pediatricians, and other health care providers.
The treatment can be applied in individual or group format. All of the sessions are discussed in detail, approached in practical way [with] a range of training materials such as tables, figures, recording charts, and graphs. Because of this practical approach and the laymen’s terms used, health care providers could also easily and explicitly convey the therapeutic techniques and goals to the parents. A major asset is the CD preloaded with the documents for each session."

Marios Constantinou, Myria Ioannou, in PsycCRITIQUES (May 25, 2015), 60 (21)

"In this manual ... experts in paediatric incontinence present a training programme intended for children and adolescents suffering from elimination disorders. This manual is a compilation of the long experience of the authors and provides the reader with an exhaustive overview of elimination disorders. Many pediatricians and pediatric urologists will find useful information."
Prof. Paul Meria, Paris, FR, in European Urology Today, Dec. 2014

Praise for the Book:

“The training program in this manual by the internationally acclaimed expertAlexander von Gontard and his team addresses a problematic and often overlookedgroup of children who need, and often do not get, our help. The book provides hardevidence where such is available and deep and thorough experience where it is not.”
Tryggve Nevéus; Associate Professor, Senior Consultant in Paediatric Nephrology,Uppsala University Children’s Hospital, Sweden; former Secretary General of theInternational Children’s Continence Society

“This manual provides a concise and excellent overview of bowel and bladder dysfunctionin children and a compilation of years of clinical experience that is sharedso practically and generously. It is rare to find information that is as readily and immediatelyapplicable with accompanying resources as in this book. You just know itis going to revitalise your practice!”
Janet W. Chase; Doctor of Physiotherapy, Consultant Physiotherapist,Victorian Children’s Continence Clinic, Cabrini Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

“This is an excellent reference manual that can be adapted to many countries andcultures. I applaud the authors’ efforts to achieve a balanced, informative, and comprehensivecommunication.”
Stuart Bauer; Department of Urology, Boston Children’s Hospital;Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

"This book presents a thoughtful and methodical approach to treating children with bladder and bowel incontinence. The authors succinctly provide the necessary background and rationale for bladder and bowel incontinence disorders and carefully outline an extensive method of implementing urotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. They also incorporate distinct and tailored approaches for adolescents. Worksheets provided for the training sessions are engaging, comprehensive, and geared towards children and adolescents. This book is a must read and clinical tool for any urotherapist and psychologist or psychiatrist with interests in pediatric bladder and bowel incontinence."
Paul Austin, MD, Professor of Urologic Surgery, Director of Pediatric Urology Research, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

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