Assessing and Developing Lifelong Learners

The Hogrefe Publishing Group is pleased to announce that we are speaking at this year’s 2016 Gaining Advantage through Assessment conference hosted by the European Division of the Association of Test Publishers (E-ATP). This year’s conference, to be held 28-30 September at the Penha Longa Resort in Lisbon, Portugal, will focus on assessing and developing lifelong learners.

Multinational and global norms

Don’t miss our presentation, "Psychological Assessment as a Key for successful Lifelong Learning" presented by Dr. Franziska Preis and Bastian Funken. This session will discuss the need of computer-based assessment tools in different languages inclusive national, global as well as Europeans norms for multi-national companies. With the Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI; Michael Lock et al., 2005), the d2 Test of Attention (d2-R; Brickenkamp et al., 2010) and the Achievement Motivation Inventory (AMI; Schuler et al., 2001) there are three computer-based questionnaires which fit these needs. All three are offered in different languages (e.g. English, German, Italian, Czech, Swedish) with specific national norms. Moreover two tests allows comparisons with a global (LJI) and a European norm (d2-R).

Development of comprehensive norms

As a publishing group we take the responsibilty to serve the need of multi-national norms. For this reason we established the development of comprehensive norms. The global data collection is facilitated with international online panels that integrate with the Hogrefe Testsystem 5. Mainly for multi-national companies where English is the language of business this could offer the opportunity of worldwide or Euro-wide assessments and human resource development. In this presentation a short overview of such implementations through the Hogrefe Test System 5 will be given.
The Gaining Advantage through Assessment conference, now in its eighth year, provides a unique learning and networking opportunity for a wide cross-section of professionals working with assessments. To learn more and to register for Gaining Advantage through Assessment, visit the E-ATP website at We hope to see you there.


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