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Open Science in Psychological Research: DGPs, Hogrefe and ZPID sign Partnership Agreement

The German Psychological Society (DGPs), the Hogrefe Publishing Group, and the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) have entered a partnership to foster research transparency, reproducibility, and replicability in Psychology, encompassing a comprehensive and interrelated set of open science offerings.


Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe (Hogrefe Publishing Group), Prof. Dr. Conny H. Antoni (DGPs) and Prof. Dr. Michael Bosnjak (ZPID) signing the partnership agreement (from left to right). [Picture by DGPs]

On September 18th, during the President ́s Reception at the 51st Congress of Psychology, DGPs President Prof. Dr. Conny H. Antoni, ZPID Director Prof. Dr. Michael Bosnjak and Hogrefe Publishing Group CEO Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe signed a corresponding declaration.

“The aim of the partnership is to support a common standardized and user-friendly service platform for study pre-registration, as well as for storing, archiving and accessing research data, protocols and study- related materials, and for reducing APC costs for DGPs members” describes Prof. Dr. Conny H. Antoni.

“Hogrefe journals were among the pioneers in publishing pre-registered reports in psychology, including Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Journal of Media Psychology, and Journal of Personnel Psychology” says Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe. Journals and their editors will be supported by the partnership in encouraging pre-registration of studies by means of a Registered Reports service platform developed and operated by ZPID, which will be available by the end of 2019.

PsychArchives, which is developed and operated by ZPID, will become a preferred data repository for Hogrefe journals. Prof. Dr. Michael Bosnjak, director of ZPID, explains: “PsychArchives will store and archive research data, protocols and study-related materials, with data being made open access once it is published in a Hogrefe journal. The aim in the medium term is that this will replace the existing options authors have of submitting data sets as electronic supplementary materials for open access publication along with their article.”

Furthermore, Hogrefe will from now on grant DGPs members a 25% discount on the regular article processing charge (APC; currently €2500) for OpenMind, Hogrefe’s open access publication program, for papers of which they are corresponding author. Hogrefe will also offer DGPs members a 33% reduction in the package price for online access to all psychology journals of the Hogrefe Group (€198 instead of, currently, €298). Open access articles in Hogrefe journals are published in addition to the normal annual page budget.

To encourage initial uptake of more transparency and openness in science, Hogrefe will for 4 years (until 2022) allow DGPs members who are corresponding authors of open access pre-registered reports in Hogrefe journals a further 10% reduction in the APC (discounted price €1625) if they agree to make the research data publicly available via PsychArchives or other recognized data repositories (such as listed at

“There is a strong support for open access in the DGPs community. Nevertheless, there is still a gap between open science intentions and open science practice. The strategic partnership between Hogrefe, ZPID and the DGPs can help to bridge this gap”, says Prof. Dr. Conny H. Antoni.



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